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Our company since 2005, promotes the development of standardization system and its application in all production processes. All procedures were recorded and standardized to the instructions ISO, and performed all the checks to ensure stable and controlled quality. Alongside ongoing continuing education of staff in implementing the above system.
The ISO 9001 certification has become the European Quality Assurance.

The purpose of this is the proper working with notable companies of the internal market, development of partnerships with similar companies in the European Union and the commitment of public works and public institutions.

The company GABRIEL C. GRIMBAS & CO is committed to producing and marketing products and services of exceptional quality at reasonable cost.

Our efforts aimed at continuous improvement of product quality and human resources.

We seek the continued growth of the company and the consolidation of our products in Greece and abroad.

Our goal is to become permanent partners for reliable companies which are a resource to support any effort.

Quality assurance is of great importance in the whole range of work GABRIEL C. GKRIMPAS & CO and applied by all staff in their daily activities.

The quality is reinforced by working in a systematic manner, in accordance with clear procedures designed to prevent repetition of errors.

It is the responsibility of management to ensure that procedures are implemented and reviewed at regular intervals to reflect current philosophies of the company and its customers.

Each worker shall ensure that the objectives of quality policy have been understood and continue to apply in the field of activity.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department continuously monitor the implementation of quality system inspections at specified intervals to ensure the existence and implementation of required procedures and guidelines and develop them where they are absent.

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